I love Photoshop and the amazing things I can do with it, but the way it can be used to completely alter reality is something I don’t really agree with. This video captures some of my thoughts on why it is important for us to see true reality and not a perfected version of ourselves and our world. I love the comments these women made after seeing their Photoshopped photos!


TADA! I’ve finally taken some time to design a site for myself. Since I’m usually working on everyone else’s site it’s nice to finally have a home where I can share a bit of all that I do.

My plan for this site is to bring a bit of the information I share on several other sites onto this site to make it easy for those who want to see a more comprehensive glimpse of “everything Wendee”. I’m not sure how much use this site will get, but for now it’s a start.

If you’re only interested in my web designing adventures then you can find out about that at

For info about my graphic designing and Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials check out

If you want to know what I’m learning about self care you’ll find that at

If you’re wanting something else then comment and tell me what you’d like to see and I may or may not take interest and begin sharing about it. Otherwise check out google and let me know what you found on it.